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How to Make an Autorun CD?

How to Make an Autorun CD?
Have you ever noticed whenever you insert any game or software CD (consider Windows XP Operating system) it automatically runs the CD. If you want to make the same type of autorun CD than you have to open notepad file and write the following code in it. [autorun] OPEN=INSTALL\Setup_filename.EXE Here “Setup_filename.EXE” MUST be replaced with the name of the setup file. And also remember that it is not all of the setup files there are called “.exe” but some are called “.msi” Now save it as a “.inf” file not as a “.txt” file. Burn your CD with the autorun.inf file included and set the CD in your CD-drive and waits for the autorun to begin or if nothing happens just double-click on the CD drive.

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